Twin Towns Amalgamation with Cudgen Leagues Club
&  Memorandum of Understanding

In February 2021, Twin Towns called for Expressions of Interest for an amalgamation partner. Cudgen Leagues Club responded and after carefully considering this opportunity, Twin Towns put forward a proposal for amalgamation.

The Cudgen Leagues Club Board of Directors considered Twin Towns proposal and the other alternatives available, taking account of the financial security and stability Twin Towns would bring to our Club, and the high level of sponsorship and funding the amalgamation would bring to our sporting clubs and grounds.

The Board’s primary goal is to provide the best outcome for Cudgen Leagues Club, its members, sporting clubs and the broader local community. Twin Towns will
provide Cudgen Leagues Club members with new premises in 2022, providing the necessary additional funds to complete the full rebuild following a fire in 2020. Twin Towns demonstrated that it has the proven track record and financial resources to deliver.

The Cudgen Leagues Club Board concluded that an amalgamation partnership with Twin Towns was the best way forward for Cudgen Leagues Club and a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Clubs has been signed, setting out a pathway to completion of an amalgamation.

The amalgamation process and the form of the Memorandum of Understanding are governed by legislation. Members have previously been notified that discussions were taking place and of the proposal as now reflected in that Memorandum.

Members of Twin Towns and Cudgen Leagues Club will be further notified about separate General Meetings of each membership, likely to take place in December, to vote on the amalgamation.

Click here to review the full Memorandum of Understanding between Twin Towns and Cudgen Leagues Club.

19 October 2021

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Peter McConnell
Cudgen Leagues Club Limited