Creating a Safer Club – Cudgen Leagues Club

Recently the Club installed DNA Guardian which provides a forensic link to any crime scene placing the thief and your belongings at a place and a point in time, giving authorities the greatest chance of capturing the criminals.

Every DNA Guardian system has a unique code like human DNA - No two systems are the same.

DNA Guardian will remain on the skin for weeks and the clothing for even longer.

The benefits of this system at Cudgen Leagues Club

  • Protects our business, assets and people with confidence
  • Mark criminals and your stock as they leave
  • Completely harmless and non-toxic solution
  • Provides the authorities with the best chance to identify the thief
  • Best deterrent against planned or opportunistic attacks.
  • DNA Guardian is our SILENT WITNESS

Similar DNA Systems overseas have reduced theft by 84% and achieved a 100%* conviction rate in court.

By raising the risk of capture and conviction DNA Guardian intensifies criminals fears of being caught - to the point where they abandon their plans in search of a softer target.

The Club is also protected by CCTV, Time Delay Safes, Minimal Cash Holdings with DNA Guardian to compliment them all!